Baltischer Philisterverband (B!Ph!V!)

Invitation to the 53rd Baltic Nations Kommers 2016 from 3rd to 5th June in Hamburg

Ladies and gentlemen, dear fellow students,
on behalf of the Philistines Association des Corps Concordia Rigensis we invite you cordially to participate in the 53rd Baltic Nations Kommers.
In 1996 the Baltic Nations Kommers took place in Hamburg/ Germany for the first time. 2005 was the second time. In the early fifties of the last century, after World War 2, Baltic German, Estonian and Latvian members of fraternities met in Augsburg to revive the tradition of the Baltic Nations Kommers. Unfortunately, the border to the Baltic states was still closed. The participants back then only came from West Germany and the "western world". Nowadays, the political and national borders between us do not exist anymore. Also the representatives of the Polish fraternities have been included in the circle of participants.

The organizing committee has planned a rich and varied program for our guests from Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Germany. According to first estimates, we expect several hundred participants. Concordia Rigensis would like to be a host with heart and mind that affords every guest unforgettable moments and the joy of our common event.

Carpe tres dies - enjoy the three days!

Kind regards and best wishes for a pleasant journey and a happy reunion in Hamburg!

Peter ScheuerUlrich LeukefeldJan-H. Schmidt
of the Philistines Association       of the baltic Philistines Associationof Corps Concordia Rigensis



54th Baltic Nations' Convention
from June 16 to 18, 2017
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